Sun 25th Jan 2015 - 3:18pm : Gaming

Team TAKETWO has undergone a lot of organisational changes and rebranding recently, and we are ready to work with teams across a number of genres. 

If you are playing Dota, CS:GO, Hearthstone, LoL or BF4 we'd like to hear from you - please contact arctik[at] for further information.





Brad Aitchison

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    Use mirror to make small room look bigger:
    Add full-length mirror opposite of your doorways:
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    Decide the focal point:
    Decide the focal point and angle your mirror towards it this will create an illusion of depth when natural or artificial lightfall it will bounce around the room and make it look larger.
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    Mirror on the table top:
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    Hang mirror on opposite walls:
    Hanging mirror in the opposite walls will create the illusion of depth in your room, more depth are added according to the size of the mirror.
    How to make dark room look lighter:
     Mirrored cabinet doors:
    This type of doors will reflect both natural as well as artificial light in your room and make your space looks brighter and larger.
    Place mirror directly next to a window:
    If you place hang or place mirror directly next to the window , then it will reflect the sunlight to your room, so depending on your mirror and window size try to experiment with leaving enough spaces between the window and wall so reflect as much light as possible.
    Hang full size mirror transversely to your largest window:
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    Join A Sport Team:

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    Spending time together in practicing and during game it’s an easy way to bond with others.

    Go For Volunteering:

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    Enroll In Club Or Organization:

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    We all have religious faith in common so it’s best to start your task with the church, temple, mosque or any other place of work ship. You can also join club of your interest in your workplace or school.

    Communicate With People:

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