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Sat 10th Jan 2015 - 9:56pm : Technical/Website

New year, new me? 

Team TAKETWO is pleased with the launch of our new website and fresh brand design as we enter 2015, with many more features expected to be live over the coming weeks as we look towards expanding our playerbase within various other genres.

You can follow all the action on Twitter - @t2esports


new website design



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Brad Aitchison

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    Tricks From Best And Safe Packers And Movers Chennai On Moving Heavy Furniture’s Smoothly



    #Moving heavy furniture is complicated process as it requires lots of techniques and efforts especially if we don’t leave in ground floor. A little negligence while handling such process can strain your back that’s why before begin with such process you should have appropriate equipment’s and know proper techniques, and you know we can’t show the efficiency and hold such knowledge about the tricks and techniques like the one who perform that work on the daily basis like #Packers And #Movers #Chennai that’s why today I am bringing their tricks for making your heavy furniture moving easy.
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    Use The Below Tricks From Packers And Movers Chennai And Make Your Heavy Furniture Moving Easy
    Equipment For Moving Heavy Furniture:
     Shoulder dolly:
    These have lifting straps that connect to your shoulders and helps to take off the weight from your back, this is effective method which utilize strength of your strong muscles with giving you due leverage. You can buy it online or rent it from movers. But keep this in mind that shoulder dolly is not recommended for moving heavy items up or down stairs because the whole weight will completely #Shift to the bottom person while moving in stairs.
    Moving blanket:
    Moving blanket is a substitute of sliders, it is simple way of moving heavy furniture you just have to put the moving blanket under your furniture and once the entire blanket is under the furniture you can start moving it in the direction you want.
    For moving heavy furniture up or down stairs instead of moving blanket put cardboard sheet under the furniture and slide it.
    Glossy magazines:
    Put glossy magazines under your furniture feet and now move it wherever you want to, this way you can save your floor and reduce the friction. Get some help for lifting furniture while you put magazine used them this will #Safe your lots of time and efforts. Now make your #Householdmove without worrying for any items, because Packers And Movers Tiruvarurhave proficient team who perform our work using appropriate advance equipment’s and high quality packing materials, they also offer #Insurance #Services for the safety of your goods.
    Moving dolly:
    Hand truck or moving dolly is an easy option for moving particular type of furniture. Hand truck works well for moving items like bookcases, tables and dressers. Rather than pushing the furniture on the platform on the hand truck just lean the furniture against the hand truck and title the handle towards you. Don’t overload the hand truck with large furniture it could fall.
     Find the size of moving dolly that is large enough for moving your heavy furniture; also get help while loading the furniture of the moving dolly.
    Use of sliders:
    For making your moving of furniture easy over carpet of grass you should buy sliders as they are specialized in such. You can buy the slide for appropriate size on your local hardware store. Don’t have sliders don’t worry instead of it use Frisbees. Need assistance in only some specific task of your relocation like in loading and unloading then don’t worry Top And Best Packers And Movers Chennai have the option of providing particular services too. Below are the steps for working with sliders.
    Best Household Shifting In Chennai
    Place the sliders under the furniture feet’s:
    Ask your friend for lifting the corner of furniture so can out slider underneath, this will save your energy on putting extra efforts on pushing and also keep your floor safe.
    Push the furniture:
    Once all your furniture feet’s are above the slider you are all set to go, now push it in the direction you want. Minimize the risk of tipping by pushing the furniture from the lower section instead of top now friction is almost eliminated by the sliders and you can Move it with using less efforts.

    Spend less but get best by choosing from Packers and Movers Chennai Rate List Chart.


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    In a nutshell, sun protection is something that cannot be ignored by you or your family. The problem with sunscreen is that it is not 100% effective. There are so many things that can go wrong. For one, sunscreen is extremely messy. Greasy sunscreen just gets everywhere and makes for an unpleasant experience while applying on your body. Also, it is often cold, which nobody likes, especially the kids. But most importantly, if you don’t reapply constantly or miss a spot, you will still get a sun burn.

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    A rashguard shirt provides SPF protection that does not rub or wash off and does not need to be reapplied. Wearing a rashguard shirt means your skin will be protected from the sun and you will not miss any spots covered by your swim shirt. Today’s rashguards are comfortable and stylish, making them something you and your kids will want to wear at the beach or outdoors. Rashguard shirts are very affordable. Sunscreens are expensive and you have to keep buying more. A rashguard shirt ranges from $25-$50 depending on the brand, and typically will last 3-5 years with moderate use and proper care. But also keep in mind, you will save money on all the aloe-vera and after-sun products you will not be buying. So, are you convinced yet?

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    How to Find a Moving Company You Can Trust

    So how do you choose which moving companies to believe in your furniture your family possessions and other products of value to? While many individuals choose the first organization they discover in a phone index or index there are key elements to consider such as what kind of solutions they offer, do they offer extra solutions, are they guaranteed and certified and of course what is their expertise popularity.

    So how do you choose which moving companies to believe in your furniture your family possessions and other products of value to? While many individuals choose the first organization they discover in a phone index or index there are key elements to consider such as what kind of solutions they offer, do they offer extra solutions, are they guaranteed and certified and of course what is their expertise popularity.While many moving companies offer international calling assistance, some may only offer local going. If you are preparing a shift that passes across condition boundaries be sure to ask the moving company you contact if they are available for road going. Be clear on what your going objectives are to create sure they can fully fulfill your needs and specifications.Do the organizations you are considering offer any extra services? While you may not realize that there are other solutions available such as packaging solutions, free bins or even short or long lasting storage space that can help create your shift easier, less traumatic and even go effortlessly.

    Packers and Movers Ahmedabad

    Determine what is involved, what is provided at no extra charge and what other ways they can help you in this transition period.Packers and Movers Jaipur Companies and companies across sectors should always be certified to work in the condition they are situated as well as guaranteed. Professional moving companies should always be in full conformity with all conditions and government rules and fulfill as well as fulfill any laws and regulations and specifications that they are controlled by, and if something happens to your products you need to be sure that you will be repaid for anything that is missing or broken.For many companies that offer an assistance their expert popularity must be above reproach and the organizations that fit in with the going and storage space industry are no exclusion. Consider this; would you go to an eating place that your companion hated? Of course not and you would not seek the services of a going and storage space organization that obtained a similar evaluation from someone you believe in.

    Most individuals hold great store in the views of their family, friends and associates and consequently.Ask around and discover out what moving companies everyone else uses, call some of the suggestions, visit their websites, read their recommendations and maybe you will the that provides quality, efficient assistance. Also do not be reluctant to ask for recommendations. Any business or organization that is extremely pleased about their good name will not think twice to provide you ask for.Whether you are preparing a shift across the city or to an entirely new condition you should discover a moving company that is aware of your needs, provides cost-effective assistance and most of all a moving company you can with assurance turn your possessions over to. Do not negotiate for second best. Shop around, call someoneFree Reprint Articles, ask for suggestions and with everything on the table look for the organization that best matches your needs and matches your going needs.

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