TopicBump Armor: Offering Rugged and Stylish Chromebook Covers and iPad Cases

  • Thu 4th Jan 2018 - 10:51am

    These days, Chromebooks, iPads and laptops have become an integral part of life, not just they are a great source of information, but they have made our life faster and smarter. Whether it is about working professionals, home-makers or students, everyone uses these gadgets to accomplish their hefty tasks in just few minutes. Do you have such gadgets or considering buying such expensive one? If yes, then it is important to purchase its cover or sleeves too. As these gadgets or devices cost a fortune to you, hence you must invest some more money for its safety and durability. Bump Armor offers rugged and attractive Chromebook cover and laptop covers that not only add-on appearance to your gadgets, but also keep them safe from bumps or scratches.


    Being a leading provider of top quality Chromebook protector, iPad cases or covers, they ensure that all their products match their customers’ demands. These products have go through a Military Standard 810G-516.6 Drop Test, thus they are capable to provide your devices with an ergonomic protection. Furthermore, Chromebook protector and cases are available in a wide variety of bright colors; you can choose them as per your desired color.


    To maintain their quality standard, Bump Armor utilizes non-toxic materials in their products especially in iPad case that give a strong cushion for your iPad. You can purchase your iPad case with a stand or buy it without the stand as per your requirements. Their iPad cases meet all your demands for iPads 2-4th generation, iPad Mini and iPad Air.


    Apart from this, you can join their Bump Armor Pilot Program for Chromebook deployment if your school has made the forward-thinking move to Chromebooks. You just have to fill the form available on their website where you have to enter information about the devices you are deploying or currently using, timeline for deployment or other additional details.


    Now, if you are looking for any reliable company that offers rugged, lightweight, stylish Chromebook cases, laptop covers or iPad covers, you should undoubtedly trust on Bump Armor. You can also purchase bag packs equipped with several classy specifications. Purchasing products from Bump Armor ensures great safety and durability of your expensive devices.

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  • Thu 7th Jun 2018 - 11:51am

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