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  • Tue 9th Jan 2018 - 10:39am

    Are your worried about the protection of your Chromebook 1to1 or your laptop and are thinking of buying protective casings for them? If yes, then you must check into Bump Armor for purchasing them. Bump Armor is a top company providing protection for your ipads, chromebooks and laptops that are ideal to be used for classroom, office and home purposes. These solutions offered by them can save your devices from any uninformed dangers and provide them with utmost protection. These products by Bump Armor are an outcome of combined efforts of the mechanical engineers and many industrial designers who are responsible for designing them.

    Below mentioned are Bump Armor’s best selling products that can provide your gadgets the protection they require:

    • Laptop bags and backpacks- The range of backpacks available with Bump Armor not just give desired protection to your Chromebook 1:1 or laptop but have also been designed keeping in mind your comfort as well. Its safety reflectors and adjustable straps provide both comfort and safety to its users. These also come with additional pockets for keeping your bottles, cell phones or even your iPods.

    • Laptop, Macbook and Chromebook cases - These cases are the safest means to provide a rugged protection to your iPads, laptops and Chromebooks. These come with pockets both inside and outside them, are spacious enough, come in various colors and impart a very trendy and stylish look to your gadgets.

    • iPad cases- These cases are available for all the models of iPads including iPad Mini, iPad2, iPad Air and iPad 4. These can be used anywhere in your offices, schools and even in your homes. One can select from 6 different colors available with them. No toxic materials are used while making these cases and these cases act like a cushion to your iPad models.

    Bump Armor also provides its products such as protective cases to various schools and educational organizations which can help with securing any of their technological investments. With the help of the cases, laptops and tablets can be made kid proof and can be used in both high schools and kindergarten schools. All of these cases have passed military drop tests and do not cause any sort of obstruction while you access the camera or any other button of the tablets.

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