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  • Thu 17th Aug 2017 - 3:02pm

    Just because "many kids (your words) ...can learn the CC standards" does not mean that this kind of learning is what is best for them at this stage of their lives. "Many kids can" also means that "many kids CAN'T." What about those children? How many is "many?" The majority? Only 1/3? If not the majority, and a substantial one at that, then I would take it as a sign that we are indeed asking too much of 5-year-olds. (I am aware than many systems now have requirements that children already be 5 years of age before entering Kindergarten, but not all, and CCSS demands that Kindergarten standards be met by ALL Kindergarteners, not just the ones who will turn 7 in a setting where children regularly used to turn 5.) 
    Also, there is, or should be (or used to be, anyway). much much more to Kindergarten then academic learning and meeting academic standards. Those "soft skills" help all children in school, both personally and academically; if the early years are when those skills are most easily taught and learned, and if they can help academic learning down the road, then perhaps we are putting the cart before the horse? 
    As for IQ tests, there are many individual households and entire neighborhoods who are increasingly affected by poverty. Many middle-class neighborhoods are disappearing, and more and more children are living in poverty, so I think you have actually bolstered the author's point about the instability of IQ testing by pointing out that individual scores can drop due to poverty.

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