TopicUsing the GPA Calculator to Track and Manage your GPA

  • Wed 10th Jan 2018 - 3:33pm

    Given the significance of your GPA in influencing your college prospects and future employment, it is a good idea to track and manage its progress from the onset. Using a good GPA calculator will help you to accurately calculate your real GPA, and see where more work is needed. Here, we look at how you can use the high school GPA calculator to manage and improve your GPA.

                Before you even consider calculating your GPA, there are some important key variables you must consider, including:

    • Credit hours
    • Quality point multipliers
    • Quality points

    Credit hours, in this respect, imply hours assigned to a course, often listed in the school catalog. For any class, credit hours typically range from 1 to 5. Quality point multipliers, on the other hand, imply the number of points that are awarded to each letter grade, sometimes referred to as credit points. The points can sometimes vary between schools, and a top calculating tool must allow students to edit the default multipliers in line with those given by the school. Lastly, quality points are the outcome after multiplying earned quality credit hours by the letter grade.

                 The first important step in keeping track of your GPA is creating a grade tracking worksheet. First, the student should identify the credit point for the courses. Here, credit points refer to the number of points that you have been awarded for completing the course. The value for each completed course according to the grade received can be denoted as follows, with A being represented by 4, B denoted by 3, C denoted by 2, and D denoted by 1. You should then calculate the grade points you have attained for every course you have completed through the multiplication of the grade value by the credit value. For example, an A in a 3-credit course will mean that you have earned 12 points. You should then calculate the total grade points attained by compiling the individual grade points. Your total grade points will then be calculated by dividing the total points you have attained by the total credits you undertook.

    The online GPA calculator will assist you to keep track of your current grade point average, besides helping you to set and realize grading goals. In particular, the GPA calculator generates individual grade point average calculations for any number of grading periods you pick, each of which is recalculated as you enter credit hours and select letter grades for individual classes. Unlike most GPA calculators that currently flood the market, our GPA calculator even permits students to track their major GPA, separately from their overall GPA. In addition, the calculator also has additional features such as tracking, as well as a built-in feature that informs the student how many credits the student requires at 4.0. If you would like to calculate your GPA, therefore, our online tool offers an accurate and timely resource. The tool will not only help you calculate your GPA but will also help you track your progress and set goals. All you need to do is click on the ‘calculate now’ button to enjoy this accurate and easy-to-use application. Let us help you track and improve your GPA.

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