TopicHow do I set up a new email account?

  • Thu 11th Jan 2018 - 5:05am


    How do I set up a new email account.ANY help can be appriciated.



  • Thu 11th Jan 2018 - 5:08am


    When it comes to new accounts, we no longer provide as an email domain.  The only exception is that if you already have a email account, you can create a sub account under it.  Otherwise all new accounts are


    If you want a new email account, you should have registered one with your service.  If you don't have service, you can go to and click on "Sign Up".  This will walk you through creating a new free Email ID.


    If you already have an email account, you can also access it via  Click "Sign In" and once signed in, click on Mail and it will take you to  you mailbox.



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  • Thu 11th Jan 2018 - 5:10am


    I currently have an active account. My wifes account was a subaccount on mine when we had dsl service. When we transitioned to uverse my e-mail migrated but for some reason my wifes e-mail did not. Now at&t says they can not create/recreate my wifes e-mail. The issue is this was the account linked to her social media platforms and has been essentially locked out of her social media accounts as she can not retrive the password resets.

    is there a work around?



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