TopicThe Invention update hits right On MMOGO

  • Sat 13th Jan 2018 - 2:13am

    Runescape Double XP Weekend is coming this weekend. Right after it ends, the RuneScape gold Invention update hits on September 18, which will bring the brand new blueprints and additional 50% XP boosts to discover those blueprints in the following two weeks. Time to stock up cheap rs gold for XP boosts!When will Invention update hit on the shelves?

    Double XP Weekend will end 12:00 UTC on September 18, and the Invention update hits right after Double XP ends.What is new in the upcoming Invention update?The upcoming Runescape Invention update on September 18 will bring brand-new blueprints. In order to make players discover them instantly, instead of waiting until a future DXP, Jagex will extend an additional XP boost for two weeks following release.But note that the other Invention training methods will not be boosted after Runescaoe DXP ends.

    Tips to prepare for new Invention BlueprintsTo perform well with new Invention blueprints, you have to:1. Train Invention as usual during Double XP Weekend, which will be able to give you access to more of those new blueprints.2. Try to unlock all new blueprints once the update comes.3. Inspiration will be removed once Runescape Invention update is released.

    So use it up this weekend.Runescape DXP is coming tomorrow, and the following is Runescape Invention update with new blueprints and 50% XP boost. Try your best to do Double XP Weekend, buy runescape 3 gold and we will spare no effort to provide you with cheap rs gold instant delivery. Have fun!The mmogo Team Win Portable Deposit Box RuneScape & Large Protean Pack or More - MMOGO

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