TopicSome Reasons Why Business Face Difficulties?

  • Thu 11th Oct 2018 - 1:10pm

    To do business and make business is one of the most difficult type of work this time, before 6 months I had  started my website making company meanwhile IT industry including all the services like web development, web designing, best SEO service company in Karachi, graphic designing, and other, and I faced dozens of problems in starting months and I failed to solve my problems and I handed up that time but I realized that  I made many mistakes myself which are as follow:

    • I had a lack of experiences to drive the business.
    • Try to do anything by shortcuts and stay away with the time-consuming activity which is the major cause of failure.
    • Always think with the negative side of any plan.
    • Too much believe in others and less in myself.
    • I didn’t realize and calculate the time wasting activities which was also a negative point.

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