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  • Tue 21st Feb 2017 - 6:42am

    FUJI Elevator -  Elevator Company - -  have only risen in popularity, but why? What has made them the ultimate for runner ahead of all other residential elevator? The reasons, once revealed, are simple and understandable. Keep reading to discover the benefits of Fuji elevator. The benefits that have made them, and will continue to make them, oh so popular.

    Quiet - No one minds a little noise from a commercial elevator, however, put an elevator in your home and all of a sudden noise is a problem. A justifiable concern, noise can be damaging both physically and emotionally. The home is where you get away, where you can let your hair down and de-stress and you better believe that regular noise pollution from an in home elevator will start to get your blood boiling. This is where Fuji elevator come in, they're virtually silent. Sine Fuji elevator lack the machine room and large mechanic used in cable elevator, there wonderfully quiet. No motors winding and no gears grinding.

    Safe - Even though all elevator are built and tested for optimal safety, some models are simply safer than others. When it comes down to it, pneumatic elevator are much safer than cable drive ones... here is why. Both cable and Fuji elevator, when in operation, rate about the same when it comes to safety, the difference is found when the electricity goes out. When a standard cable elevator looses power, the elevator car comes to a halt. A stranded elevator car means trapped elevator riders. As rare as it is for anyone to become trapped in an elevator you must admit, the thought has crossed your mind. If you're installing an elevator in your home the last thing you want is to lose power and become trapped inside the elevator without anyone knowing you're there. Fuji elevator, since they need neither cables nor powerful motors to operate, are incredibly safe when power is lost. Here is how. When power goes out, the Fuji pump regulating air pressure inside the elevator shaft stops working. When this happens air pressure inside the tube equalizes. As the air pressure equalizes the car gently begins to descend to ground level. Once at ground level the person inside the elevator car can manually open the elevator doors and exit the car.

    Maintenance Free - Another perk is the fact that they are practically maintenance free! Again, since pneumatic elevator - Elevator Company in China require no cables, gears, lubricants or other complicated moving parts, there are far fewer break downs and yearly maintenance checks are seldom required and rarely necessary. With so few parts this elevator model will work for years and years before something needs to be replaced.

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